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Finally Released After 20 Years Of Secrecy

‘The Sophie Trick’ has been one of the most talked about, sought after underground effects for nearly 20 years. Andy Nyman adapted an established effect and transformed it into something that baffles laymen as well as the magic community.
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Private Eye

Private Eye is an extremely portable and usable kit that can be performed in close-up, parlor, or stage. It is excellent for performing 1 of 5 object test or Bank Night style routines. Private Eye is the next great mentalism utility, and is fully compatible with the ProMystic modular receiver.

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Inside Out

Inside Out is a whole new concept in performing with a Cube. Use this tool for giving powerful readings or predictions. Inside Out is a 1.2 inch empty box or container with fully configurable sides.

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Evolution is an advanced modular system that allows you to track objects during a performance with 100% accuracy, utilizing Adaptive Sense Technology to identify the location.

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Craig Filicetti

Dedicated To Advancing Mentalism & Magic.

ProMystic is dedicated to providing leading edge technology to advancing the art of mentalism and magic. Craig Filicetti, founder of ProMystic is an electrical engineer with a masters degree and over 20 years experience in new product development. He is also a working mentalist/magician.

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I have always had trepidation when it comes to electronics. Any time I have used a product from ProMystic, I have never had a worry that anything would not work, allowing me to can concentrate solely on the presentation.

All I can say is thanks Craig. Your products are absolutely brilliant,. Well done and keep them coming.


Mentalist & Mindreader

More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

ProMystic is very pleased to announce our most recent acquisition. Since its inception, we have been huge fans of both the products and most importantly, the reputation of ParaLabs, founded by Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees. Thomas and Rainer are well-known and...
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Secret Area

Behind these doors are some amazing technological advancements in the field of mentalism. Please contact us for the password, and do not share this information.

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Checking Your Receiver Batteries

As I’m sure you already know, your receiver’s batteries last 20 hours. If you use your receiver for 5-10 minutes at a time, you will easily get 20 hours, possibly more. It is recommended to turn your receiver on for your entire show, and then turn it off afterwards....

In a word… PERFECTION! In slightly more words… The combination of Craig’s skill and imagination is deadly. His devices are not only simple to use, they are totally reliable allowing you to focus on looking amazing.

I’m both thrilled and gutted he’s sharing these with the community at large! But long may it continue!

Colin McLeod

Forensic Mindreader

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