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An elegant and innocent looking ‘Deluxe Sketch Pad’ in A4 size! The ParaPad is an impression pad constructed to fit all requirements of a successful pad.

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An elegant and innocent looking ‘Deluxe Sketch Pad’ in A4 size!

Handlings by the performer as well as by the participant that are absolutely normal. No complicated moves or manipulations; Not while writing, drawing, while getting the pad back, or during the peek.

No restrictions to where on the sheet the participant can write or draw. There is no need to force a specific position; the participant is free to write or draw where he feels comfortable. Even if he chooses to write near the edges of the sheet, we will still get our peek.


  • The copy of the participant’s secret writing or drawing that is neither mirror-inverted nor too small to read.
  • The use of a felt tip marker of a harmonious size – corresponding to the pad dimensions. No over sized thickness of the tip that causes nearly unreadable lines.
  • A peek right before their very eyes – taken in seconds.
  • A reset in seconds; so we can use the pad a second time even before the first revelation!
  • The option to insert replacement paper without any fumbling or complicated procedures. Refill in seconds – literally!
  • Standardized pad dimensions that allow you to purchase refill paper locally – in your local stationery store.
  • Various ways to get your refill paper perforated to fit the binding requirements are explained in the manual.


  • The A4 size ParaPad – fit for immediate use (50 sheets).
  • An extra 50 sheets of refill paper.
  • The detailed and informative How-to video link.
  • A special standard sized, Stabilo fine point pen.
  • Additional equipment (built into the pen) for erasing the image.

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1 review for ParaPad Set (A4 Size)

  1. 5 out of 5

    ParaPad was the first professional ParaPad Device I purchased and added to my show after a recommendation from Richard Osterlind.

    After using several types of electronic devices for similar routines, they have been removed from our three stage shows, and replaces with ParaPads.

    The ParaPad is simple, direct, and something I have felt incredibly comfortable in using for well over twelve months.

    Again like most magic, the simplicity of the ‘gimmick’ may worry you, and you may feel that an audience member may discover the secret – but if your script is strong, direct and confident, you won’t have an issue. I have performed with a ParaPad in over 400 situations and have yet to have a single issue (besides one horrendous drawing!)

    When directing the audience member to write or draw, I suggest to be direct in pointing to the piece of paper you want them to draw on, and be very clear that they are to draw the image nice and large, clear, and point directly to the piece to ensure nothing will go wrong.

    Sure-fire Mentalism and my favourite impression device on the market today.

    Matt Tarrant

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