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We're dedicated to advancing mentalism & magic.

My highest recommendation for Craig and his craftsmanship. His creations work every time, every where and as promised. When these kind of miracles become so reliable and worry-free, what more could someone ask for?

Michael Weber

Magician & Mentalist

ProMystic is dedicated to providing leading edge technology to advancing the art mentalism and magic. Craig Filicetti, founder of ProMystic is an electrical engineer with a masters degree and over 20 years experience in new product development. He is also a working mentalist/magician and you can see him at www.azmagician.com. ProMystic has formed working relationships with top performers in the field to bring you proven products that will truly impact your audience. ProMystic has a staff of engineers constantly working to bring you products that will allow you to perform in ways you never thought possible. All design and manufacturing is done in house with the highest quality materials that are not available to just anyone. ProMystic is dedicated to providing you:

  • World class customer service
  • The smallest, leading edge technology in the industry
  • Modular design, plug-and-play products
  • True innovation in method
  • Designs that work

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That is our promise. Feel free to browse the website, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

ProMystic is very pleased to announce our most recent acquisition. Since its inception, we have been huge fans of both the products and most importantly, the reputation of ParaLabs, founded by Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees. Thomas and Rainer are well-known and...


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As I’m sure you already know, your receiver’s batteries last 20 hours. If you use your receiver for 5-10 minutes at a time, you will easily get 20 hours, possibly more. It is recommended to turn your receiver on for your...