We are pleased to announce that ProMystic will be stocking Banachek’s Psychic Pad Folio! And as a special bonus for our loyal customers, when you purchase the Psychic Pad Folio from ProMystic you will receive an exclusive routine from Michael Weber. I personally saw Banachek use the Psychic Pad Folio in a lecture and it fried us all badly.

We were very excited when Banachek told us that he was putting it out. We don’t carry a lot of non ProMystic products, but this is one that ProMystic are honored to sell. The quality of the pad is superb and we know for a fact that it is the same pad he personally uses in his shows; nothing is held back. And we’re sure you will enjoy the exclusive Michael Weber routine.

Buy Banchek’s Psychic Pad Folio now by clicking here.