As you may have already learned, every ProMystic product is delivered with and powered by a lithium battery. Depending on the product you purchased, the lithium battery you received varies in size. Lithium batteries are typically found in many long lasting and critical devices. For example, they are used in artificial pacemakers and different pieces of electronic medical equipment. Smaller lithium batteries are used in many portable electronic devices such as video cameras, calculators, and watches. These are very similar to the ones in your ProMystic product.

As stated above, ProMystic uses different sizes of lithium batteries. These sizes include 1225, 1632, 2016, and 2032. Each battery name has a prefix of CR or BR (i.e. BR1225). It does not matter which battery you use, as each battery is acceptable. The following list is each ProMystic product followed by its corresponding battery:

  • PMR Standard – 2 x CR2032
  • PMR Keychain – 2 x CR2016
  • Color Match – CR1225
  • Evolution – CR2016
  • Finders Keypers – BR1225
  • IQ System – CR2032
  • Inside Out – BR1225
  • Multi Dimensional – CR1632
  • MD Mini – BR1225
  • Proximity V2 – BR1225

There are many advantages of using lithium batteries. One feature is that the battery will never corrode. You will never see it change color or rust. Another great feature is that it does not create moisture over time. It will keep its attractive, silver appearance. The only trouble with this is that you will not be able to visually know if the battery is dead or not. More often than not, if you seem to have an issue with your product, its batteries just need to be replaced.