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More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

More Paralabs Products Coming Soon!

ProMystic is very pleased to announce our most recent acquisition. Since its inception, we have been huge fans of both the products and most importantly, the reputation of ParaLabs, founded by Thomas Heine and Rainer Mees. Thomas and Rainer are well-known and...

Evolution & Adaptive Sense Technology

If you haven't yet watched the Evolution demo video, you're missing out! Evolution is an advanced modular system that allows you to track objects during a performance with 100% accuracy. It utilizes proprietary Adaptive Sense...

Banachek’s Psychic Pad Folio & Bonus

Banachek’s Psychic Pad Folio & Bonus

We are pleased to announce that ProMystic will be stocking Banachek's Psychic Pad Folio! And as a special bonus for our loyal customers, when you purchase the Psychic Pad Folio from ProMystic you will receive an exclusive routine from Michael Weber. I personally saw...

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Checking Your Receiver Batteries

As I’m sure you already know, your receiver’s batteries last 20 hours. If you use your receiver for 5-10 minutes at a time, you will easily get 20 hours, possibly more. It is recommended to turn your receiver on for your...

Craig and his products are simply the best. The care, craftsmanship and customer service that come from Craig and ProMystic have raised the bar to new heights in the world of mystery entertainment.

I work daily in the real world and so do Craig’s products. Bravo!

Jon Stetson

Mentalist, Comedian & Speaker.