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Evolution is an advanced modular system that allows you to track objects during a performance with 100% accuracy. It utilizes proprietary Adaptive Sense Technology to accurately identify the location of multiple selected objects from up-close to 75 feet away. This advanced technology allows multiple items to be in play simultaneously.

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Evolution 2.0 is an advanced modular system that allows you to track objects that are being handled during a performance with 100% accuracy. Objects can be white boards, pictures, the provided wallets, or objects you gaffe yourself. It utilizes proprietary Adaptive Sense Technology to accurately identify the location of multiple selected objects from up-close to 75 feet away. The performer will instantly know which object has been selected. Through a never-before seen technology, Evolution 2.0’s AI will adapt to allow you to track each object individually.

Information can be gathered in a number of ways. Adaptive Sense Technology uses complex algorithms to monitor and identify changes in the external environment to give you the information you need. This can be done directly in the spectator’s hands. Evolution 2.0 also features 4 separate modes, which allow for tilting and Adaptive Sense Technology to work compatibly.

Like all ProMystic products, everything can be done blindfolded without assistance. Of course Evolution is fully compatible with your ProMystic Modular Receiver.

Features Evolution 2.0

  • Advanced power management allows for over 300 performance hours from one changeable battery with over 7 years of shelf life!
  • 4 NEW modes that allow for versatile performances
  • Manual on/off switch
  • Magnetic on/off switch for turning tags off while gaffed in objects
  • Instant on/off to minimize interference in walk-around environment
  • Objects are gaffed with an ultra thin and flexible tag – the size of a credit card and smaller!
  • Four Modes, all with magnetic and mechanical on/off.
  • Includes Evo 1.0 & 2.0 instructional video links

Mode 1: Evolution 1.0 mode. Everything you love about Evo 1.0 and magnetic or manual on/off switch. The magnetic on/off switch allows you to put the tag in sleep mode when you swipe a magnet over the tag. It will not wake up until a magnet swipes past the switch again. This is true for all modes of operation.

Mode 2: is great for walk around performances. It works just like Evolution 1.0, using the Adaptive Touch. However, when the tag is vertical it instantly shut off. For example, when you scoop up all your tags and put them in a pocket, they will be turned off. This allows you to perform with other ProMystic products without having to manually turn off the switch.

Mode 3: is essentially the same as Evolution 1.0, but for this mode you will receive two repeats when the tag gets touched. Additionally, this mode also works on tilt. Your receiver will receive as many as three signals when the tag gets tilted. This mode is meant for putting the tags inside white boards, foam boards, envelopes etc. This way you will know when a picture, card, or whatever you may use is lifted from a horizontal position to a vertical position.

Mode 4: This mode is the same as Mode 3 with touch disabled.

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17 reviews for Evolution 2.0

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Evolution is absolutely fantastic and allows you to perform many effects with certainty and accuracy. As with all Promystic products works 100%

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    When it comes to wowing my audiences, Evolution stands apart from the rest. What’s great about this effect is that I can focus on the presentation rather than complicated moves, techniques and manipulation. The effect always stuns the audience – but more importantly, it allows you to perform with conversation, cold readings, all manner of devices. Well worth the value.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The quality and durability of Craig’s products continue to amaze me. I am just beginning to explore subtle uses for this amazing tool.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    As an owner of Proximity, and Multi Dimensional I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Evolution. It opened a whole new world of “hands off” mentalism. I was shocked how thin and light the tags were. I have used them in books, legal pads, envelopes, magazines and even cell phones. This is a simple, durable, perfectly manufactured, limitless system. Highly, highly recommended!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have the 5 envelope set and I can say it is the best effect I have ever owned. Evolution blows peoples minds. Easy to use, easy to setup and so versatile. I highly recommend not only this product but the other two I own (color match and inside out).

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    What you certainly want from an electronic mentalism tool is reliability and ease of use. While those have already been documented by past reviewers of promystic products, I want to point out another quality: modulariy. With just one receiver you can perform “which hand” effects, be queued, use multidimensional dice or “peek” the choices of unsuspecting muggles using a very special note pad. Every addition to the range makes it so much stronger and with Evolution, you can finally “sense” objects being moved, touched or used. These ones are keepers…

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I wanted to share a routine with the pro mystic community for Evolution. Recently I had to perform for a group of top New York Magicians. I wanted to use Evolution, but I needed it to be unique. After much trial and error, I placed the tags in the front cover of 5 music CD holders. I picked CD’s of groups in alphabetical order from a-e. This way, I knew 1pulse was CD with band letter starting with a. After all the CD’s were selected I did a pseudo reading of why each person picked the music they did. It was very well received. I would be happy to share further details with anyone.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    When I first saw Evolution, my mind filled with possibilities. Having already owned a couple of other ProMystic products, I knew what to expect in terms of quality and customer support.

    Evolution opened up a way to perform a couple routines that had been in my head for a while. I currently use Evolution to have a participant choose an emotion and relive aspects of the memory associated with that emotion. I also sometimes use Evolution in conjunction with a pendulum divination routine. It kills… every time.

    For me, I never try to use Evolution in an impromptu or pseudo-impromptu mode. I save it for special audiences when I really want to add some extra wonder and engagement.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff (verified owner)

    As a proud owner of the Evolution and the IQ remote, I can honestly say I love these products. ProMystic has really put out some great stuff, and I can’t wait to add more of their tools to my set.

    The Evolution system is simply fantastic. The durability and function of the actual working bits are well designed and thought out, but the devious setup of the wallets make them above suspicion. They seem harmless and normal, which disarms even the most skeptical spectators a performer comes across. Plus, the fact that the system can be adapted outside the wallets adds incredible variety to what’s possible with this system. I’ve played with many other possibilities (as outlined in the instructional video that pairs with the Evolution product, as well as others I’ve come up with on my own), and found that the system and the way it works is INCREDIBLY versatile, and can open the doors to all kinds of possibilities that you wouldn’t expect. They are also super-simple to use and understand (especially with the information that comes with them) and I had them up, running, and performing in a matter of minutes. Even those with limited experience with mentalism would have no trouble working with these tools. In addition, the thinking behind some of the routines that are provided with the product are also well thought out and organized. They can serve as out-of-the-box set pieces, but also stimulate ideas to come up with unique individual routines that each performer can make their own.

    When paired with the IQ remote, the routines that you can build are simply devastating. The versatility and range of these products allow for amazing things to happen, and I’ve used both very effectively in close-up and stage settings. I look forward to adding more ProMystic technology to my case.

    Thanks to Craig and everyone at ProMystic, you guys do an amazing job, and I’m excited to see what’s coming down the pipe.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    Simply amazing. Possibilities are endless!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt123 (verified owner)

    Great product, you will not be disappointed ! I also have a few other products from Promystic and they are all top notch. I was a bit unsure at first as I don’t live in the USA and was concerned with possible delivery and after care service problems, however, the service and delivery has been brilliant!

    Thanks Craig and team.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    First of all I’ve used Evolution weekly for my close up shows. I’ve tried and tested the unit for real working scenarios. It works wonders and has many applications. There’s lots of praises but I would rather talk about some of the drawbacks so you know its limitations.

    It doesn’t work too well with thick wallets. Since it can’t always sense through its thickness. So it’s better to use thinner wallets.

    With you back turned and you tell a spectator to pick up an object, sometimes they will pick it up by the edges. (I know some people are probably thinking no one ever does that.) An actual fact is that I do get people who pick it up by the edges and evolution can’t sense it that way. There are ways to work around this but I was trying to do an Andy Nyman routine with a prediction and it really would mess it up.

    If your working with multiple Promystic products, I highly recommend that you get the Promystic bag. Since I work close up and I have to have everything on me get false buzzes from other products can mess up your show. One drawback is that the bag isn’t that big to fit some types of card holder wallets.

    Last of all some spectators might try to use one finger, hover over the object or just lightly touch the object. This might not even give a reading so you really have direct your spectator to do exactly what you want them to do.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    silvermagic (verified owner)

    Evolution is a killer! I love the adaptive sense technology. You can use it for various effects and I love this tags. They are brilliant and unbeatable. Possibilities are endless and the Technology is brilliant. I really love the Evolution tags. I can recommend them without any doubt! Thanks for everything. Pro Mystic really brings mentalism effects to a higher level! Two thumbs up!!

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    so many possibilities … im still finding new ways to develop routines, using one tag or all five. I love all promystic products they are real magic and work in real situations close up or stage basically no set up just instant miracles you can fit in your pocket!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    Having had my 5 tag Evolution set for just over 12 months it has never let me down, the technology used within the set is at the cutting edge of mentalism and magic in the 21st century.

    The uses of Evolution are only limited by ones own imagination (This is a common phrase in the world of the magical arts) But is so true within the realms of the Pro Mystic Evolution Tag System.

    Craig and the team at Pro Mystic must be commended on their outstanding and unforgiving attitude to customer service, if only all companies treated the way that Pro Mystic do!

    I look forward to purchasing further items from the team at Pro Mystic and if someone reading this is worried about ordering from them don’t be as you will not be disappointed and it will begin the start of a magical relationship – Guaranteed

  16. Rated 4 out of 5


    I purchased Evolution over a year ago with 5 tags.

    It’s a great system that has virtually unlimited uses, while I didn’t find myself using it a lot as I have a lot more of electronic tools to accomplish this sort of effect, I definitely recommend this if you want to make a lot great miracles like Free Will, Kurotsuke or even Lie Detection routines, this is really good and I liked it, it’s portable and the quality is great, overall I can recommend this!


  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    I can’t say enough about how wonderful a system this is. Ideas that I had in my head can now be realized. The devious nature of Evolution makes me excited every time I use it. It’s the sort of genius that makes you wish you could tell your spectator(s) how you did. Of course you never would but it makes you smile inside.

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