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Remote Control Multimedia for the True Professional. Packs Small – plays big! Now Powered Entirely by USB! Media Star is a working performer’s dream come true! Media Star gives you complete control over music, video, PowerPoint presentations, DMX lighting and much more.

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Media Star is a working performer’s dream come true! Media Star gives you complete control over music, video, PowerPoint presentations, DMX lighting and much more. Utilizing the same high quality remote controls as the Showtech and MP3Tech, Media Star is 100% reliable and has an even greater range.


  • Media Star
  • Ankle Remote
  • Standard Remote


One remote performs all functions with hands-free operation possible utilizing the included ankle switch. User configurable remote functions include:

  • pause/un-pause
  • previous/next track
  • auto fade
  • volume control

Advanced track options provide the ability to:

  • auto-start /auto-pause
  • adjust track volume
  • insert video or a live camera feed*
  • insert DMX lighting and effect queues**
  • graphics
  • optional wireless remote functions through the built-in output transmitter

All options are easily implemented via the integrated timeline within our custom made, easy to use Media Star software.

$1595 without Mini Netbook or $1895 with Mini Netbook

Due to increased overhead some prices have increased, but we are offering a lifetime warranty.

* If using video or camera feeds on a netbook with Windows 7 Starter, an upgrade must be made to Windows 7 Home Premium at a cost of $120. You have the option of having us do it for you or doing it yourself.

** At time of purchase of a Media Star you can receive a $100 discount on each of the following items. Wireless Displays, Output receivers, Keypad Remotes, and our custom DMX cable and DMX lighting software ezDMX. ezDMX is very user friendly along with our other accessories and can be fully integrated with Media Star.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup Media Star on my own PC?

After downloading the latest Media Star software install FFDShow to ensure that you can play all of the popular media types. We highly recommend changing the power settings to never dim the display, turn off the display, or put the computer to sleep. Also, we recommend disabling the screensaver and turning off automatic windows updates.How do I setup Media Star on my own PC?

How do I get the best range?

Use the Dipole antenna (with cord), and place the antenna as high as possible in a horizontal position. It is best to keep it a few feet away from any power amps, computers, wireless mics, or electrical lines as they will emit interference and reduce the range. It is also most effective if the antenna is perpendicular to the direction of the performer. Make sure the antenna is properly connected and tightened. Obviously, it is best to have the antenna as close to the stage as practical. Even though the range can be up to 300 ft. in good conditions, those conditions could change at showtime. Better to be safe. If using the remote transmitter in your pocket, make sure that there is no metal or conductive objects in your pocket or near the transmitter. This will greatly reduce your range. Also be sure to check the battery in the transmitter, they will lose their range as the battery wears down over time. A new battery should last 6-12 months.

What types of Audio are supported?

Media Star supports MP3 and WAV audio files.

What types of Video are supported?

Media Star supports MPEG, AVI, and DIVX video files.

Why is the light on the Media Star off?

The Media Star light is illuminated only when the Media Star software is running.

Why do I get a black screen or error message when playing a track?

Media Star uses DirectShow to play media files. Some formats (such as MPEG-2) require filters that do not come with Windows by default. To get these filters, we recommend installing the FFDShow Filter Pack. Make sure that you select the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 filters during installation.

How do I backup my show?

All of your files are stored in your My Documents directory (Documents in Vista). Inside, you will find a folder called Media Star; this folder contains your entire library, your playlist set, and all the configuration and license information. Simply copy this entire folder to create a backup. We STRONGLY recommend that you keep up-to-date backups of your show.

Will my license key work on other computers?

No, your license key will only work on one computer and does not transfer over to others. If you need a new license key, please contact support.

Can I use a friend's computer if mine goes down before a show?

Yes. Simply copy your backup show to the My Documents directory and install the Media Star software. As long as you have the receiver unit connected, you will be able to play your media files without the 10 second restriction.

I just recieved my Media Star, why can't I register it?

If you have purchased your Media Star with a laptop, it is already registered and ready for use.

Why does my ShowXpress DMX adapter not work?

In some cases you have to connect the DMX apadter and intialize ShowXpress before connecting Media Star to the laptop. Disconnect both adapter and connected only the DMX adapter until your DMX is functioning correctly and then reconnect the Media Star unit.

How do I convert my CDs into MP3s?

You can use Windows Media Player or iTunes. CNet has a good guide HERE.

How do I make PowerPoint appear on the second screen?

There is a setting that you need to select. Click “Slide Show” in the menu and then “Setup Show”. Under the “Multiple Monitors” group select the second monitor. Also, check the “Show Presenter View” option if you intend to have the computer infront of you when showing the PowerPoint.

Is the AC adapter required?

If your purchased your unit after March 1st, 2010 then your unit is USB powered. The only time the AC adapter would be required is when the USB connection cannot suply enough power. This is generally only when connecting to an unpowered hub.

Can I upgrade my unit to be USB powered?

Yes, older units can be upgraded to be USB powered. We provide the service free of charge. Contact us for details.

I can't see my Media Star when I plug it in to my laptop?

Click HERE to download an updated USB driver that will resolve the issue. Contact us for assistance if needed.

Video Demos

Initial Setup

Library Setup

Advanced Track Settings

Playlist Management

Showtime! Playlist Playback

ShowXpress Configuration


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