ParaPad Set (3″ x 5″ Size)

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An elegant but innocent looking ‘Deluxe Sketch Pad’ in 3″ x 5″ size! The ParaPad is a pocket sized impression pad constructed to fit all requirements of a successful pad.

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The ParaPad is a pocket sized impression pad constructed to fit all requirements of a successful pad.

Does it already exist? Yes

We are not the first ones constructing such a thing – and we definitely will not be the last. This is the only pad on the market that matches all of our requirements and all necessities!

We are not the first ones constructing an impression device from a pocket pad. And we are not the first using this special technique for getting a copy of our participants writing or drawing.

It’s all about the details and the subtleties that make the difference!

There are a few details – and those are the vital ones for a real-live performance!

As a whole, these details characterize The ParaPad as the one that matches our necessities in all important aspects. It’s a real world pad, constructed to fit our requirements.

Our Constructional Requirements

  • An elegant but innocent looking pocket sized 3 x 5 inch writing pad.
  • Handlings by the performer and the participant that are absolutely normal.
  • No complicated moves or manipulations; No questionable movements while writing, drawing, getting the pad back, or during the peek.
  • No restrictions to where on the sheet the participant can write or draw! There is no longer a need to force a specific position; the participant is free to write or draw where he feels comfortable. Even if he chooses to write near the edges of the sheet, we will still get our peek.
  • A copy of the participant’s secret writing or drawing that is neither mirror-inverted nor too small to read.
  • The use of a regular sized felt tip pen (we use Stabilo). No oversized thickness of the tip that causes unreadable lines.
  • A peek right before their very eyes – taken in seconds.
  • A handling that allows the use of the ParaPad completely surrounded – still getting the peek!
  • A reset in seconds; so we can use the pad a second time even before the first revelation!
  • The option to insert replacement paper without any fumbling or complicated procedures. Refill in seconds!
  • We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s the details and subtleties that make the difference!


  • The 3″ x 5″ ParaPad – fit for immediate use (50 sheets).
  • An extra 50 sheets of refill paper.
  • The detailed and informative How-to video link.
  • A ProMystic Ballpoint Parapen.
  • Additional equipment (built into the pen) for erasing the image.

Video Demos

No demo video available.

1 review for ParaPad Set (3″ x 5″ Size)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jamiesalinas (verified owner)

    I purchased this over a year ago. It has become one of my “Go To” effects for both strolling and stand up performances. I have had several of these types of devices and this simply is the best impression pad I have ever used. I suggest you purchase the pen kit as well.

    I will be purchasing the 8×10 size for larger audiences.

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